A6 near Nuremberg: Serious traffic accident with several injuries

A6 near Nuremberg: Serious traffic accident with several injuries

At the Friday afternoon (March 17, 2023) has appeared on the A6 near Nuremberg in the direction of Amberg just before the Nürnberg-Süd motorway junction a Accident with several injured happened. This was reported by the traffic police inspection Feucht on Sunday (March 19, 2023).

A 44-year-old truck driver drove behind you vehicle combination in the right lane. The team consisted of a pickup truck and a trailer on which a car was loaded. The driver of the articulated lorry failed to notice that the trailer and trailer in front of him were braking due to traffic and crashed into its trailer. through the force of the impact came the team
skidded, tipped sideways and lost the car loaded on the trailer.

Road user can no longer avoid

One woman driving behindwhich was in the middle lane, was surprised by the skidding team, couldn’t avoid it anymore and hit the trailer. Luckily it was only easy injured and then treated by a doctor.

The occupants of the vehicle combinations were partly with serious injuries taken to a hospital. The truck driver who caused the accident escaped with a fright, police said. A kilometer-long backlog formed on the A6 – the highway had to be completely closed for an hour.

A other drivers from Switzerlandpresumably had don’t want to wait in trafficU-turned on the freeway and tried in the Reverse the rescue lane in the opposite direction to the direction of travel. However, he was stopped by police officers. He received an ad and had to queue again in traffic.

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