AAF-CEST 2022 Summer University: record influx of participants

Created in 2010, the Algerian-American Foundation for Culture, Education, Science and Technology “AAF-CEST” organized the 5th edition of the summer university. Indeed, launched in the form of two sessions, in particular between August 26 and 28, 2022 and September 9 and 11, this university recorded a success in its 5th edition.

Intended for all Algerian doctoral students and researchers, especially those established abroad, this summer university was organized in the form of videoconferences. Of which several specialties are covered, for example:

  • Biology;
  • Biotechnology and Health;
  • Renewable energy ;
  • Civil Engineering;
  • Advanced mechanical and computer engineering.

Algerian scientists abroad organize the most important summer university for the 5th consecutive year

This summer school was an opportunity for Algerian students to strengthen their exchanges with scientists from their countries, but also with those established abroad. And this in order to support all the Algerian scientists participating in this event. Among the goals of this summer university, the establishment of a program allowing the reception of Algerian students and researchers abroad.

In addition, this event saw a record influx of applications for participation in the two sessions of this university. Indeed, there are approximately 1759 requests for participation issued by different candidates. On the other hand, only 1000 candidates were selected to participate in this summer school, confirms El Djazeera.

It should be specified that among the axes addressed during this university. One specialty recorded the participation of more than 700 Algerian students and researchers. It is about the renewable energy sector. Since its launch, 5 years ago, the summer school organized by the AAF-CEST. The organizers are committed to the mission of diversifying the specialties covered during its sessions. And relies on the skills and scientific background of Algerian researchers established abroad.

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