Abandoned: Part of the script leaks, shortly after the Silent Hill leak

It seemed that the rumors about Silent Hill had quieted down, yet the name of Konami’s horror series is back in vogue following the leak starring the well-known insider Dusk Golem. To make matters worse, Abandoned has also returnedalso victim of a leak in the last few hours.

In addition to having revealed the enigmatic presence of a brick wall, the leak in question seems to have also spread part of the online script that Blue Box Studios is working on. Judging by the leaked dialogue between two characters in the game, it appears that the story of Abandoned will be about a powerful bioweapon crafted via formidable AI.

One character in particular pulls a chip from a system socket to show it to an unnamed group of people. On this chip is a biological weapon called the Zero Cell “perfectly designed by computer simulations using real-time AI”. The process is called “real-time experience“from one of the characters, an obvious reference toAbandoned PS5 app which hosted the first teaser of the game and on which the paid Prologue will arrive.

“Hidden within computer electronics distributed around the world, the Blue Box project fueled the strength of these simulations. In other words, the more people used computer electronics with Blue Box’s AI simulations, the more powerful the creation of Zero Cell became. “. In addition, the Team 74a group of “top secret” scientists that was assembled by the United States government in 1974. “Together, they founded Project Blue Box and prepared for the creation of Zero Cell”.

There are clear ones self-referential references (“Experience in real time”, Blue Box project) that make reading the Abandoned script rather bizarre, as if the mysterious horror game hasn’t already raised dozens of doubts since it was announced. Certainly it cannot be ruled out that they are just temporary names and terms used by developers. It is difficult to understand if this is a project related to Silent Hilland for clarification on this, we just have to be patient again and, as usual, take with pliers what emerged from the leaks.

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