“Absolute chaos person”: Joelina Karabas is ashamed of disorder at home

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Joelina Karabas
Joelina Karabas doesn’t feel like cleaning up her room © instagram.com/joelinakrbs

Joelina Karabas doesn’t really care about order. She makes that clear in her most recent Instagram story. Because when she wants to clean up her room, she reveals to her fans that she would never think of cleaning.

Mallorca – Joelina Karabas (22) is not only the daughter of Danni Büchner (all information about Danni Büchner and daughter Joelina Karabas), but has now built up her own fan base. But even the daughter of the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant cannot avoid cleaning up her room. However, the 22-year-old is not a big fan of this, as she reveals to her followers in an Instagram story.

Joelina Karabas reveals she’s an ‘absolute chaos person’

On Instagram, Joelina Karabas keeps her fans up to date almost every day and gives them insights into her life. This also includes the not so nice moments like cleaning up your room. But before she gets down to business, she talks about her lack of motivation in her Instagram story and thinks back to her participation in the Vox show “Shopping Queen”.

“I never think of cleaning,” reveals Joelina to her followers. But “what has to, has to,” she admits to herself and tidies up her room. She doesn’t hide the fact that it’s not her favorite pastime.

Joelina Karabas thinks back to her “Shopping Queen” participation

“I’m an absolute chaos person,” she continues to laugh in her Instagram story. But before it actually starts cleaning up, Joelina Karabas remembers the past year. Because exactly a year ago she took part in the Vox show “Shopping Queen”.

Danni Büchner’s daughter even took first place. But the time after the shooting was not really nice for the 22-year-old. In her Instagram story, Joelina Karabas explains that she received the “worst hate ever” for her “Shopping Queen” participation. Sources used: instagram.com/joelinakrbs

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