AC Milan: towards a Bennacer – Ziyech exchange?

Ismael Bennacer’s future at AC Milan continues to make headlines in Italy. While the player has still not extended his contract, Italian media announce him leaving next winter. There is talk of an exchange with Chelsea striker, Moroccan Hakim Ziyech.

Ismael Bennacer is on an impressive margin of progress. He managed to establish himself as an essential element within AC Milan. Better, its level is very constant. Enough to encourage the officials of his club to shield him, by extending his contract for other seasons.

But as of press time, the two sides have failed to reach an agreement. Several interviews have taken place over the past few months, but the negotiations have not been successful, particularly with regard to the financial aspect. As everyone knows, the international midfielder is demanding a significant salary increase, from 1.5 million euros to 4.5 million euros. It is legitimate on his part, it must be said, he who chains the good performances.

Bennacer to Chelsea in exchange for Ziyech?

It must be said that the future of Ismael Bennacer at AC Milan is still in the dark. Even the Rossoneri’s sporting director, Paolo Maldini, caused the suspense to hover in his latest media outing. He revealed, let us remember, that the negotiations between the management of the club and those it wants to extend them have still not been successful.

Still not having reached an agreement with the management of his club, he is announced as leaving during the next winter transfer window.

Indeed, and according to the media “Calciomercato Web”, another English cador has come forward to offer himself the little Algerian elf. This is Chelsea FC. The same media indicates that the club in question intends to devote a sum of 35 million Euros plus an exchange with the Moroccan striker Hakim Ziyech to conclude the transaction. It remains to be seen whether the offer will be accepted or declined by the Milanese.

It should also be remembered that Bennacer has a release clause in his contract for the sum of 50 million Euros. But no courtier could offer this sum to hire him during the last summer transfer window.

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