Accident: Bottrop: e-bike riders collide – danger to life

Two e-bike riders collided in Bottrop. One of the two was critically injured. His identity is now clear.

With a witness appeal, the police in the Recklinghausen district turned to the public after an accident involving two e-bike riders. Two men collided head-on in Bottrop on Friday. One of the two was so badly injured in the head that, according to the fire department, he was flown to a clinic in a rescue helicopter.

The identity of the injured person was initially unclear, the police asked for witnesses and described the man as around 70 years old. On Saturday evening, the investigators withdrew their call for witnesses. The identity of the man has now been clarified: it is an 85-year-old from Oberhausen.

E-bike accident in Bottrop: Both cyclists injured their heads

According to the police, the following is known about the course of the accident: Around 5:40 p.m., the 85-year-old was on a bike path on Oberhausener Straße with his load edge. Here, for reasons that have not yet been clarified, there was a frontal accident involving an e-bike rider from Bottrop. Both fell to the ground.

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