Accident: Dead and injured in three serious train accidents in NRW

In Kamen and Ratingen, trains dragged cars along – in Grevenbrück a man was hit by a train: In North Rhine-Westphalia there were three accidents in one day.

A freight train has at one Railroad Crossing in Ratingen hit and carried away by a car. The driver was in the accident on Thursday evening seriously injured been reported by the fire department.

passers-by saved them out of the vehicle. A photo taken by the emergency services showed how it was done car on the side lying and was severely damaged on the roof and on the left side.

According to the fire department, the woman came in hospitalthe engine driver suffered a slight shock. He got the train after the collision after about 50 meters brought to a halt. the cause for the accident was unclear in the evening. The affected track was closed.

Three serious train accidents in NRW in one day

He was not the only train accident on Thursday in NRW: In Grevenbrueck a man died in the morning when he was struck by a workshop train was recorded. It is not yet clear how the accident happened.

In Came another person died in a train accident: his car was hit by a train on the line at a level crossing in the morning RRX captured and dragged 100 meters. Here the police do not exclude a suicide. (with dpa)

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