Accident: Kamen: RRX drags the car 100 meters – the driver dies

A car was hit by a train in Kamen on Thursday afternoon. The driver died on the spot. Rescue work continued into the early evening.

At the level crossing in Südkamener Straße, a car drove onto the tracks with the barrier closed and was hit by a regional express. The vehicle was dragged along the rails for several hundred meters and was completely destroyed by the impact. The person died at the scene of the accident, said a spokeswoman for the Unna district police when asked.

The emergency services were called at 12:34 p.m. – the rescue work continued until the early evening.

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The rescue service looked after an eyewitness who was directly behind the crashed vehicle, as well as the train driver and another person on the train. There were about 200 passengers on the train. During the course of the action, the passengers in the front part of the train were escorted to the rear part of the train. The rear part of the train was uncoupled and drove slowly back to the Kamen station.

Investigations also in the direction of suicide

The scene was handed over to the police for further investigation. The spokeswoman for the Unna district police said that they are currently also investigating in the direction of suicide.

Several regional trains are experiencing delays and partial cancellations on the busy route between Dortmund and Hamm. On the other hand, long-distance traffic was only slightly disturbed on Thursday after the incident in Kamen, as it was being diverted via the freight train route, said a spokeswoman for Deutsche Bahn.

According to “”, regional trains will be diverted between Dortmund main station and Hamm main station without stopping. A bus service has been set up. (dpa/ots/gb)

  • We don’t usually report on suicides so as not to incentivize them imitation to give – unless suicides receive special attention due to the circumstances.
  • If you are suicidal thoughts If you have or know someone who is having thoughts of suicide, contact telephone counseling at 0800/1110111 (free of charge). The number is staffed 24 hours a day.

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