According to an insider, Metal Gear Solid is getting a remake

A remake of Metal Gear Solid could reportedly be in development. So says a well-known industry insider and leaker.

Yes, Metal Gear Solid is getting a remake, a leaker says

AccountNGT recently received the rather direct question on Twitter if a Metal Gear Solid remake is in the works. AccountNGT’s answer was just as short and sweet: “Yes”.

The leaker gave more information comic book not out – not even whether Hideo Kijima is involved in the possible remake. Perhaps the creator of the original takes at least an advisory role.

More news about Metal Gear Solid:

Previous rumors about a Metal Gear Solid remake say that the title will be developed by Bluepoint Games – a studio specializing in remasters and remakes.

Since Bluepoint belongs to Sony, the title could well become a PlayStation exclusive. 1998’s Metal Gear Soldi was also a PlayStation exclusive and enthralled gamers and critics alike. With a 94 rating on Metacritic, there’s really nothing to hide.

As with all rumours, the information should be treated with caution until it is officially confirmed. We will of course keep you up to date on this.

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