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The perfect age for marriage – does it even exist? Many couples are undecidedwhen it comes to timing your wedding. While some want to marry their loved one as soon as possible, others find it important to wait and see. A study should reveal when that will happen perfect age reached for marriage.

Mathematical calculation of the perfect marriage age

According to the portal Statistics married women in 2021 average 32.3 years and men with 34.8 years. Since the survey began in 2009, it has been shown that the average age of the partners at their wedding steadily increased is. But is this the perfect age to get married?

This question was dealt with by Journalist Brian Christian and the Cognitive scientist Tom Griffith. In their book “Algorithms to Live By” they explain: The perfect age for marriage is 26 years. They have this with the help of a algorithmthe so-called 37 percent rule.

In statistics, this method is known as the “secretary problemThe reason for this is that a common example of the methodology is that an organization wants to hire a secretary. The probability of finding the best female applicant is 37 percent. The rule then turns a number of female applicants into the best is selected The aim: to find a good solution in the shortest amount of time 37 percent rule, applied here to the partner search, looks like this: You take a closer look at 37 percent of the potential partners and note the one or the one that catches your eye first. Then you go through the others and then decide on the person who you feel is more suitable than the first one. Griffith and Christian determine the period for the partner search between 18 and 40 years Celebration. By the time you were 26, you had reached about 37 percent and this age was therefore the optimal time for a wedding.

Another study on the perfect age for marriage

The thesis of the perfect marriage age is not only supported by the study of Christians and Griffiths. Among other things, the Sociologist Nicholas H. Wolfinger from the University of Utah in 2015 selected various datasets from the National Survey of Family Growth. These were in one Period from 2006 to 2010 collected.

His conclusion: couples who between 25 and 34 married, had the happiest and longest marriage. The data sets examined showed that from the age of marriage of 32 the divorce rate increased by a full five percent per year.

Wolfinger justifies his results by saying that you are in your teens most changed. At the age of around 30, on the other hand, one has already created an economic basis and is more mature. He suspects that the reason behind the phenomenon of increasing divorces after the age of 32 is that these couples do not marry earlier because they unsure are whether the marriage would go well. It is implied that the marriage arises on a rather unstable basis. There are more arguments, disagreements and, as a result, divorces.


What is certain is that the time span for choosing a partner and the perfect age for marriage are changing don’t generalize to let. For example, while some get married faster, others may not want to get married at all, or feel more comfortable waiting longer to get married.

It’s exciting to know what scientists have discovered; nevertheless one should from the information never stress or worry to let. For example, Wolfinger only evaluated US data and examined data from the years 2006 to 2010. A similar study that German Data and more recent Evaluating data does not exist so far.

In summary, the perfect marriage age depends on a variety of individual factors, which make it different not safe can be determined.

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