Accusations of sexual violence against Nicolas Hulot: "He received outrageous support from all his colleagues" in government in 2018, says Laurence Rossignol


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The senator (PS) of Oise and former minister of women’s rights, Laurence Rossignol was, Wednesday, received in “Your political guest” on the franceinfo channel. She referred to the accusations of sexual assault and rape of which Nicolas Hulot, former Minister of the Environment, is the subject.

On the eve of a number of “Special Envoy” in which several women accuse Nicolas Hulot of sexual assault and rape, the former Minister of the Environment announced, Wednesday, November 24 on BFMTV, leave “definitively” public life. In 2018, while Nicolas Hulot was in government, a magazine had already revealed the existence of a complaint for rape, filed in 2008, against him. The case had been closed due to the statute of limitations. At the time, he “received absolutely scandalous support from his colleagues in the government” declared Laurence Rossignol, senator (PS) of the Oise and former minister of women’s rights, Wednesday November 24 in “Your political guest”.

The then Minister for Gender Equality, Marlène Schiappa, had expressed her support for her colleague: “The Hulot affair offers a golden opportunity for those who want to discredit him.” To which Laurence Rossignol replies that she had “found that the Hulot affair offered a golden opportunity to show how difficult it is to take into account the sexual turpitudes of men in power”.

The vice-president of the Senate also considered that the facts, “even if they were prescribed, were real “. “Nobody contested them, the prosecutor did not question the facts, he simply said that they were prescribed.” “Anyone could deduce that the facts were real”, she said.

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