Accused of violence, Julien Bayou withdraws from the co-presidency of the environmental group in the Assembly

Accused by his ex-companion of violence, Julien Bayou withdraws from the co-presidency of the environmental group in the Assembly, according to information from France info this Tuesday, September 20. The national secretary of the party was accused by Sandrine Rousseau “behaviours likely to break the moral health of women”when issuing C to you » Monday evening on France 5.

“I received Julien Bayou’s ex-girlfriend at home for a very long time”, explained the Green MP. According to her, at the time of their exchange, she “was really bad [et] depressed”. “She also made a suicide attempt a few weeks later”she added.

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This withdrawal, announced during a group meeting in the Assembly, in the presence of the 23 ecologist deputies, will last the time of the investigation carried out by the Cell of investigation and sanction on the harassment and the sexual and sexist violence of EELV. It is Cyrielle Châtelain, the other co-president, who will ensure alone in the meantime the presidency of the group.

” Bitterness “

The boss of the Greens had confirmed to the ” Figaro » last July, the seizure of the internal commission against him. He then mentioned a “Painful and difficult breakup” with his ex-girlfriend and indicated that he was going to be “questioned as soon as possible about what in no way constitutes gender-based or sexual violence or inappropriate behavior towards anyone”.

Julien Bayou had spoken of“a resentment that she does not hide since she clearly wrote to me, three days after having seized the internal commission of EELV: “Worry. I will come back and strong. (…) The fall will be painful.” »

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“Unfortunately, this is a story that ends in suffering, and a break that comes with thinly veiled threats against me and a form of instrumentalization that I can only deplore”had added the deputy of Paris.

“This commission must do its job as soon as possible”

“It’s the right decision, when women’s voices are released, we have to draw the consequences”reacts this Tuesday on France info Aurélien Taché, MP for Val-d’Oise and treasurer of the environmental group at the National Assembly, about the withdrawal of Julien Bayou. “He will continue to sit. He steps back so that the commission in charge of sexual and gender-based violence can work”he specified.

According to him, “it would be regrettable if Julien Bayou draws definitive conclusions even though we do not yet have the final conclusions of the commission”. Regarding the time taken by the commission, seized this summer, Aurélien Taché estimated that“This commission must do its job as quickly as possible.” “In the meantime, within the parliamentary group, the responsibilities have been taken since Julien Bayou is stepping back. »

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After the accusations against Julien Bayou, Europe-Ecologie-les-Verts said to itself “fully mobilized in the fight against violence against women”. In a press release published on Tuesday, the party recalls having endowed “a listening cell from 2016 then an investigation and sanction cell on harassment and sexual and gender-based violence at the beginning of 2017, a cell whose operation is autonomous, transparent, voluntary and independent of the party and its leaders”. EELV also specifies that a “audit of its operation will be carried out in February 2023, after the decision of the Federal Council of February 2022”.

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