Achour 10: Djaffar Gacem evokes the participation of Salah Ougroute

The series “Ashour 10” is a successful soap opera in Algeria, and star actor Salah Ougroute is the star.

Unfortunately, his state of health is not at its peak, and the artist’s participation has remained uncertain until then.

It is in this context that the director and producer of cinema and television Djaffar Gacem returned to the subject. Indeed it was during an intervention he had during an interview with the Al-Nasr newspaper that he raised the subject.

According to these statements, the actor is in France for his treatment after being diagnosed with cancer. He also took the opportunity to put to rest the misunderstandings and discover the rumors of a possible tension between the two men.

He therefore asserted that “Those who spread these rumors are the enemies of the art”.

The director took the trouble to reassure fans of the actor about his state of health. He therefore revealed that he was in better health and therefore on the road to recovery.

Timgad Festival Opening Ceremony: Incident and Aftermath

The 42nd edition of the Timgad International Festival took place in Batna on July 28, 2022.

On the opening night of the festival, the concert scheduled for the occasion was canceled due to a technical problem. In a statement to APS, festival commissioner Youcef Boukhentache said that “every effort will be made to determine the cause of this outage”.

Since then, decisions have been made and a head has fallen: that of Youcef Boukhentache, the festival commissioner.

He was therefore removed from his post, and Abdallah Bouguendoura was appointed as the new commissioner of the festival.

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