Acky Foxy conquers us with Lara Croft cosplay from Tomb Raider

They say that what is done well is not forgotten, and we are sure that this saying also applies to video games, and that is, without a doubt, all those old titles that have transcended have really remarkable game dynamics, stories full of adventures and above all, the most important piece: unforgettable characters, because what would a good game be without a good protagonist, it is the set of both that makes them great.

This is one of the video games that are here to stay, and that over time have received new titles and movies, and as icing on the cake, we must add that it is about a girl who came to revolutionize video games just in the middle of the years 90, whom we have seen evolve in different installments of the franchise.

That’s right, we talked about the unrivaled Lara Croft, who has shown us different versions to simply conquer us once again. Who was one of the first female characters in action stories, this powerful and versatile girl has become an icon within tomb Raiderand geek culture.

She is acky.foxa beautiful French model and cosplayer, a girl who has a beautiful face and great photo sessions on her networks and you can find her on her official Instagram as @acky.foxy, where she has almost 52 thousand followers, in addition to incredible versions of characters of anime, series and video games, which we believe you will not want to miss.

It is more than clear the reason for the popularity of the beautiful cosplayer, as well as the immortality of the legacy of Lara Croft and Tomb Raider, that is why pop culture pays tribute to them, while our beautiful model manages to get the much loved action girl. We hope that this cosplay has been to your liking, do not forget to leave your comments on our social networks, and please continue on and eGames news.

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