ACO and Nanpa Básico together in ‘Algo Nuevo Pa mi’

Two of the best representatives of Peruvian and Colombian hip hop got together. Algo Nuevo Pa ‘Mi is the new single by ACO in collaboration with Nanpa Básico, subject that has conquered the preference of the followers of this musical genre.

Arturo Salazar Salinas, ACO, surprised his followers with a new topic. This time in collaboration with Nanpa Básico, born in Medellín, Antioquia.

“I always had a lot of admiration for Nanpa. His lyrics, his melodies and, above all, his visual conceptualization as an artist are fundamental pillars that made him turn to see what he had been doing ”, commented ACO on the new topic.

This single is about a declaration of being present in a love relationship, accepting yourself as you are, with your flaws and virtues, letting yourself flow and feel free at the same time.

After being highlighted by MTV Latin America with his previous release “Pulsiones”, A.C.O returns recharged with a track that mixes Hip Hop, R&B y Reggae.

The musical production of the single was in charge of ACO, accompanied by David Chang, producer of important Peruvian artists such as Adrián Bello, We The Lion, Cristina Valentina, among others.

“The mixing was in charge of Jorge Alayo and the mastering by Francisco Holzmann. Arturo commented. The theme is now available at


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