Action: roofers on the ball: hole discovered in Dortmund church tower

Roofers discover a hole in a church tower roof in Dortmund while working on Wednesday. The fire brigade orders heavy equipment for the loose sheet metal.

Roofers on the ball: when working on a building opposite, damage to a church tower in Dortmund-Eving was discovered on Wednesday. The fire brigade used heavy equipment to secure the loose sheet metal, as announced on Wednesday afternoon.

The roofers were initially working on a building on Bergstraße at the corner of Pfarrstraße opposite the parish church of St. Barbara on Wednesday morning when they noticed a loose sheet of metal – according to the fire brigade, this was in danger of falling.

Tin threatens to fall from the church tower in Dortmund – fire brigade uses a crane truck

Since the turntable ladder did not reach the sheet metal at a height of around 42 meters, the fire brigade brought a crane truck including a passenger transport basket to the scene. This was used to temporarily secure the roof, which now has to be repaired by a specialist company.

The fire brigade used twelve forces for the operation between 9.25 a.m. and 12 p.m. (Red)

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