Active and retired soldiers who would be supporting Gustavo Petro

The Minister of DefenseIván Velásquez, has had approaches with retired military along the lines of former president Juan Manuel Santos and who are related to the new administration of Gustavo Petroaccording to sources consulted by Los Confidencials del Mediodía.

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Among others, affirm the same sources, are the retired generals, Fredy Padilla de León, former commander of the Armed Forces; Alejandro Navas Ramos, former Commander of the Army and Leonardo Barrero, former Commander General.

The sources consulted also claim that Gustavo Petro It has several supports within the active force and who await the arrival of the new administration.

The names of the major generals are mentioned, Carlos Iván Moreno Ojeda, commander in charge of the Army; Wilson Chaves, Chief of Operations for the FF.MM.; Alberto Rodríguez Sánchez, commander of Cacom 3 that operates between Meta and Vichada, among others.

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