Actor Rolf Skoglund dead

Rolf Skoglund

Rolf Skoglund turned 81 years old.

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Actor Rolf Skoglund is dead, the family tells TT. He was best known for his role as Gösta in the classic “We were at least lucky with the weather”.

During his career, Rolf Skoglund appeared in 35 films and was active on the national stage for 50 years. He broke through in the 60’s and had time for a lot of plays at Dramaten. In April, Rolf Skoglund told Aftonbladet that he suffered from prostate cancer.

– It is aggressive according to the doctors, but I get no radiation and no surgery. I do not know why. I get a syringe every three months that keeps it in check, he said then.

Did not get a visit to the hospital

Rolf Skoglund said that he was not allowed to receive any visits when he was in the hospital.

– There is a restraining order here, but I have contact with my wife. We have been separated for ten years, but we are still good friends. And my son, who is twenty-five years old, is happy to have contact with me. But my current status is tragic, he said and also told how he saw the future:

– I have not worked for a long time, but I got back on the tax so I can manage. I was in More panic in the Santa workshop last year, that was probably the last thing I did. Any future plans will determine life.

Rolf Skoglund turned 81 years old.

The cause of death is unknown.

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