Acute water shortage in Emån – “Every drop counts”

The county administrations in Jönköping and Kalmar assess that the situation is so serious that all irrigation without a permit must cease and that those who have permits for water abstraction limit their abstractions to nights with light winds when water losses are smaller.

– In normal situations, people without a permit can withdraw water at their own risk. However, now that the levels are so low, we urge these people not to make any withdrawals at all. If you have a permit, you must use as little water as possible, says Irene Bohman, acting head of the Growth and Environment department at the Kalmar County Administrative Board.

The water levels in Emmån are very low, which means that several lakes are at risk of drying out. Here is a picture from Fagerhultasjön in Vetlanda municipality. Photo: Begin Gunnevik

– If nothing is done, we risk having dried up lakes and waterways later this summer. Therefore, everyone with a permit must water smartly and others must cease their withdrawals from the Emån and its tributaries, says Måns Lindell, the water unit at the County Board of Jönköping County.

Permission is required

Based on the information that the county administrations obtained from the Emåförbundet, the situation is judged to be so serious that there is no room for water extraction for those without a permit. The county administrative boards consider such withdrawals illegal.

– Every drop counts. It’s better to have a brown lawn than a dried-up lawn, says Ingrid Palmblad Örlander, head of the water unit at the Kalmar County Administrative Board.

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