Addicts in India are getting high with flavored condoms: they boil them and inhale the smoke

Sales of flavored condoms in Durgapur, a town in India, have seen a significant increase in stores. Anyone would say that citizens are protecting themselves more during sexual intercourse, but it is a new trend among addicts: They’re getting high on the flavored condoms.

the indian media News18 reported on the trend in Durgarpur and the website of hypertextual echoed the news. The source claims that the note generated by getting high with condoms can last up to 12 hours and its health effects are more than terrible.

By boiling flavored condoms, certain substances are emitted capable of generating an addictive high in those who inhale them. This method of drug addiction aroused the interest of experts in chemistry and medicine, who are in a hurry to warn about the effects of this new drug.

a lower consumption it can endanger the lungs, kidneys and nervous system, as well as the possibility that the addict will develop some type of cancer in the future. A higher consumption accelerates the consequences.

What makes them addictive?

Flavored condoms are normal, common and current condoms, which are differentiated with flavorings and glucose or glycerin so that they have a special flavor. There are no dangers for those components, but by the synthetic polyurethane resin.

Generic image of condoms.

This resin increases the durability and stretchability of the condom, but when the condom is heated or boiled, it releases compounds such as ethyl glycol, which generates this note sensation similar to other drugs.

Regular condoms also have polyurethane, but addicts boil the flavored ones because it’s also in some aromatic substances that are released when boiled, according to Sanjith Saseedharan, head of critical care at SL Raheja Hospital in Mumbai.

Boiling them also releases some hydrocarbons and alcohols found in products like glue, which is well known to be used by addicts to get high.

Please don’t.

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