Adeyemi and Wirtz? That is what Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann thinks about the DFB duo

Julian Nagelsmann came to FC Bayern from Leipzig in the summer of 2021.

Image: / Frank Hoermann / SVEN SIMON

Jamal Musiala, Florian Wirtz and Karim Adeyemi are the names of the three young German stars who recently gave the national team a boost. At the age of 18 (Wirtz, Musiala) and 19 years (Adeyemi), they are already enchanting German fans and creating hopes for a successful future for the DFB team.

What works well in the national team could also harmonize in a club. At least this is how the mind games could be at a German club. Wirtz is still playing in Leverkusen, Adeyemi at RB Salzburg and Musiala at FC Bayern. However, there are already rumors about possible transfers. Bayern should be interested in both Wirtz and Adeyemi.

Nagelsmann comments on Wirtz and Adeyemi

In an interview with the “Abendzeitung München”, Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann spoke about Wirtz and Adeyemi. When asked about the two of them, he said: “Florian Wirtz is without a doubt an outstanding player, a great talent. I hope that he stays that clear, then the national team will also enjoy him a lot – as well as Jamal Musiala and Karim Adeyemi.”

“It is always important to integrate young talents at an early stage so that they don’t have to get used to the process, the staff and the environment when they have to take on responsibility.”

Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann on the integration of young players in professional football

The Bayern coach thinks it is particularly important to involve talents at an early stage: “So that they don’t have to get used to the process, the staff and the environment when they have to take on responsibility. That’s what Hansi Flick does. It is definitely the right way to develop and introduce the next generation. “

But: Bayern are not alone when it comes to their interest in Adeyemi. Recently, there have been repeated reports about a potential move to Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig and Liverpool FC. The 19-year-old should want to leave Salzburg next summer to take the next step in his career.

“Sport1” had even reported that Adeyemi would prefer a move to BVB. He sees the best development opportunities there. At the same time, there have already been talks between the Adeyemi consultant and BVB managers Michael Zorc and Sebaistan Kehl. A transfer of 30 to 35 million euros should be in the room.

No exit clause at Wirtz

It could get more expensive with Florian Wirtz. The right foot in Leverkusen still has a contract until 2026 – without an exit clause, as Bayer sports director Rudi Völler recently explained on “Bild TV”. Wirtz has a market value of 65 million euros. The fact that he has no release clause “does not change the fact that we are a club that has to give up players from time to time,” said Völler. “Just like we gave Kai Havertz for a large sum (80 million euros, ed.).” But that is not planned for the next one or two years.

If the value of Wirtz continues to rise by then, the fee could be even higher than that of Havertz 2020. This would make a union of Musiala, Wirtz and Adeyemi an extremely expensive proposition for the record champions.


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