Adidas will dress La Roja as well as Colo Colo

The Chilean team already has a new brand to provide the clothing as of October and as with Colo Colo, the company Adidas was the one that was awarded the tender made by the National Professional Football Association (ANFP) to dress La Roja.

After the break with Nike in the middle of the Copa América, the board decided to look for a new company. The tender was longer than expected and for the same reason, for this triple date the KS7 mark will be used, which dresses the referees of the national championship.

However, this Wednesday the newspaper Third confirmed that Adidas will be the new company in charge of delivering the clothing to La Roja and will pay about US $ 3 million annually.

What’s more, In Quilín they will receive a signing bonus of around $ 590 million, as budgeted, a round business that will help to partially solve the financial problems that the ANFP is going through product of the Covid-19 pandemic and that were aggravated when the agreement with Nike was terminated early.

Adidas will be the clothing brand for the Chilean team for the next five years and according to the same media, The ball that will be used in the match against Brazil at the Monumental Stadium will be from the German company and not the one used in the National Championship.

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