Adolfo Chuiman: “In the background there is a place, it is in the hearts of the public”

The actor Adolfo Chuiman thanked the public for the support he has been giving to the series ‘At the bottom there is room’, which remains in the first place of tuning. Furthermore, he revealed that he did not expect them to be able to repeat the success they had in previous years and now he knows that they are in the hearts of the public.

“I am aware of the rating figures and the affection of the public is amazing, the support that they give us night after night, the whole team is very grateful,” he commented. Adolfo Chuiman.

Not at first, but now I am convinced that we are in the heart of the Peruvian people, and that ‘Al fondo hay sitio’ has become a television phenomenon. When the series ended, many people asked me to come back and we are happy because we will continue next year.

Of course, the writers do their job well and we dedicate many hours to the recordings so that a good story can be seen. At times, he ended up quite tired, but happy to bring such a beloved character to life.

Well, it’s always good to have a ‘warrior’s rest’; but I also have a couple of offers to make movies, so I’m defining that.

Some days ago Adolfo Chuiman He talked about the scene he recorded in In the background there is room dancing to the song ‘Disco Bar’ of Patricio Suarez Vertiz. The popular ‘Peter’ assured that he has always liked to dance and that it runs in the family. “I wanted more, I lacked more than half”, he said for the cameras of You are in All.

He also assured that he drew inspiration from Miguel Bosé for his interpretation. “I almost fell to the ground but I already said a lot. Behind me they were hesitating, they are spontaneous things, they come out more beautiful than the rehearsed things. Anyone can rehearse but not improvise”, the actor narrowed.

For his part, Patricio Suárez Vértiz was consulted about Adolfo Chuiman’s baile and he was proud.

“It is an honor that he danced to the song. Adolfo knows Pedro a lot, Pedro adores him, admires him, in my family we are his fans, since before Risas y Salsa, from there we already followed him. On my birthday we invited him, he was with Pedro, with me and I think that there he has been absorbing, like Giovanni, that has helped ”said the singer.

Patricio Suarez Vertiz He also declared for the Saturday program and assured that he invited Giovanni Cuccia to a concert of his, but before they met in person. “That helped a lot so that he knows how mine works, I think that from there, as a good artist that he is, he has rescued the song and my personality, it seems great to me, he has studied, it has not just been like that. It has been very clever because it has been absorbing the energy of the song and also my personality.the singer narrowed.

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