ADP 2021: Franck single again, he finally separated from Cécile

Arrived together in front of Karine Le Marchand last Monday, Franck, the silviculturist of season 16 of Love is in the meadow, and Cécile, finally separated shortly after the filming of the balance sheet.

Love stories end badly, in general“as the famous song says. Between Franck, the silviculturist of season 16 of Love is in the meadow and her contender Cecile, it was not a long calm river. During his adventure, Franck had let his sweetheart go, because she could not come and live with him – a sine qua non condition for the farmer to engage with a woman. But once the blonde with light blue eyes “as Line Renaud“party, the sylviculturist had been overcome with regret. Thinking only of her, he had completely abandoned his other contender, Anne-Lise, who had quickly made the decision to leave, too. Once alone, Franck had tried to win back Cécile, contacting her by SMS and also using the precious advice of Karine Le Marchand.

A separation shortly after the filming of the balance sheet

Arrived together at the balance sheet last Monday, Franck and Cécile affirmed to train “a couple“, even if the farmer always showed a little restraint. Cécile evoked, for her part, the difficulty for her eldest son to accept the arrival of Franck in their family life and the need to take the time. But obviously time has not done its work.

Indeed, the farmer and his La Rochelle contender are no longer in a relationship today, as will be indicated at the very end of the show next Monday. Very active on their respective Instagram accounts, Franck and Cécile have yet to show their separation. In recent hours, the sylviculturist has even increased the number of publications in which Cécile appears, covering her with compliments as he knows how to do so well. Publications containing photos taken before their break-up and to which the contender has refrained from answering … However, an obvious tenderness and complicity have been formed between them. So who knows? Maybe one day love will bring them together again!

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