Adrián Bello celebrated the premiere of his song “Tell me what you want” with Inzul and K.maleon

The singer-songwriter Adrian Bello, who recently celebrated his appearance on Spotify’s Billboard in Times Square, New York; joins the Peruvian indie pop rock band Inzul, and K.maleon, alter ego of renowned Peruvian music producer David Chang to present “Tell me what you want.”

This new song talks about the usual uncertainty in love. That despite the good times and everything we have experienced, there is still an emptiness, a fear, which prevents us from taking the next step, and which causes problems and pains in the heart.

The song was composed by all the members of this collaboration, produced and mixed by David Chang at Elisa Records (Peru), and mastered by Francisco Holzman (Chile).

“Since I listened to the demo that the guys from Inzul made, it struck a chord. In a way, I already felt it was part of my universe and of the music that I like and the themes that I usually play. Collaborating, writing and immersing myself in the song felt very natural. “, said the singer-songwriter through a statement.

The release of “Tell me what you want” is accompanied by a video clip produced by Elisa Records. Under the direction of Rodrigo Dulanto, the audiovisual presents an intimate setting, where Adrian Bello and Stefano Toller (lead singer of Inzul) reveal their vulnerable side.

On the other hand, the artist prepares for after two years; next Tuesday, December 7 at the Barranco Convention Center, so it will be a very special reunion with the public. Tickets are on sale at Joinnus.

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