Adrien Quatennens case: the Lille prosecutor’s office confirms that it has opened an investigation

The Lille prosecutor’s office has announced that it has opened an investigation following the handrail filed against Adrien Quatennens, deputy of La France insoumise. In a statement posted on Twitter, he acknowledged violence against his wife Céline.

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LThe Lille prosecutor’s office confirmed to AFP on Monday that it had opened an investigation after the handrail filed against the deputy of La France insoumise, Adrien Quatennens, by his wife, as part of its “proactive criminal policy for the treatment of domestic violence “.

“An investigation was opened as soon as the prosecution was informed of the contents of the daybook,” he said. This approach is part of “a proactive criminal policy for the treatment of domestic violence” put in place “for many years”.

In a press release on September 13, after the existence of this handrail was revealed by Le Canard Enchaîné, Céline and Adrien Quatennens said they had learned “through lawyers” that the prosecution had taken up the facts. But the latter then declined to comment.

Mr. Quatennens announced on Sunday that he had “withdrawn from his function as coordinator” of La France Insoumise, acknowledging violence against his wife in a press release posted on Twitter.

Facts of “domestic violence”

Referring to “disputes” since his wife’s announcement of his desire to divorce, he said in particular that he had “grabbed her wrist” during one of them. He also admitted having “gave him a slap”, “a year ago”, “in a context of extreme tension and mutual aggression”.

“I deeply regretted this gesture” which “never happened again”, he underlined.

The Lille prosecutor’s office explained on Monday that its policy on domestic violence provided that “in the event of the filing of a handrail and when the facts seem to them to merit it”, the police services should contact him “to obtain instructions “.

“The prosecution regularly decides to initiate an investigation notwithstanding the absence of an initial hearing of the victim when the facts appear serious or likely to recur,” he said.

This policy also provides that “a victim support association” be “immediately mandated to make contact” with the victim and “encourage him to take part in the legal proceedings”.

“No procedure in this matter is dismissed out of opportunity”, insists the prosecution, which underlines that for its “good progress”, the investigation in this case had to be kept “away from the media scene. »

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