Advertisement – ​​Day of Mineral Water: Win an exclusive guided tour and a year’s supply of mineral water with Rheinfels Quelle and Radio Duisburg

On October 7th, 2022, German mineral springs will celebrate Mineral Water Day for the first time to draw attention to the importance of the natural product.

Exclusive tour into the kingdom of water

On the Day of Mineral Water, Rheinfels Quelle invites you to three exclusive guided tours for which you can only apply. The maximum of 30 places is limited. The application deadline is October 3, 2022. Radio Duisburg will accompany and report on the exclusive tours at the RheinfelsQuellen.

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Additional prize: A year’s supply of Rheinfels source

Anyone who is accepted for one of the three exclusive tours also receives a year’s supply of Rheinfels Quelle – i.e. 12 x four boxes or multipacks and a free choice of varieties.

During the guided tours, visitors learn everything about natural mineral water and how it gets into the bottle: There is also a look behind the scenes: into production, the high-bay warehouse and much more. At the end, the visitors are invited to a snack and a refreshing Rheinfels spring. Rheinfels source is the natural mineral water from Duisburg and a valuable treasure of nature. There is the right product for everyone, whether with a lot or little carbonic acid or as still mineral water without carbonic acid.

The Rheinfels Quelle Classic, Medium, Soft and Natural varieties are available in different packaging and sizes. So there is a suitable drink to choose from for all situations in everyday life, whether at home or on the go. For the mineral water ambassador and long jump Olympic champion and world champion Malaika Mihambo, natural mineral water is the best thirst quencher because it is a real natural product – refreshing and delicious. Rheinfels Quelle also offers naturally flavored mineral waters such as Rheinfels Quelle Lemon or Peach. These are sugar free and sweetener free. As a zero-calorie drink, they’re a popular choice for those who like to drink heavily and watch their sugar levels.

Perfect from the origin:
The family business guards a valuable treasure from the Rheinaue nature reserve

The RheinfelsQuellen are among the top 7 mineral springs in the industry in 2021 and are the largest private spring in NRW. Up to 300,000 bottles of natural mineral water and soft drinks can be filled in Duisburg-Walsum per hour. The origins of the family business date back to 1905 and are currently managed by the fourth generation. For many years, the family business has paid particular attention to the Rheinaue nature reserve in Walsum, its most important headwaters.

The company has been committed to environmental protection in the Rheinaue and social projects in the area for decades: RheinfelsQuellen also organizes events for the regional environment that deal with aspects of sustainability and ecology. This is intended to encourage and empower employees and residents to think and act responsibly and in a sustainable manner.

Natural mineral water

Rheinfels source is a natural product. The source at a depth of around 300 meters is protected from external influences by layers of rock more than 150 meters thick. A complex scientific study has shown without a doubt that the mineral water from Rheinfels spring was formed more than 25,000 years ago. The headwaters of Rheinfels Quelle are located in the Rheinaue Walsum nature reserve. In terms of sustainable spring use, Rheinfels spring is gently mined and bottled in its natural purity in the Duisburg-Walsum production facility. Mineral water such as Rheinfels Quelle must always come from underground water sources that are protected from contamination and bottled directly at the source. It is the only officially recognized food in Germany and is strictly controlled.

The approval process includes over 200 geological, chemical and microbiological investigations. In order to preserve the natural purity and quality of natural mineral water, the law allows only a few treatments, such as adding or removing carbonic acid or removing iron and sulphur. All this is done in a gentle way by aeration or filtration. Desulfurization and iron removal are carried out for reasons of taste and appearance. Rheinfels source is not subjected to any treatment process, it is perfect from the origin. Only carbonic acid is added in order to obtain different types of carbonated mineral water. A close-knit network of constant internal and regular external controls confirms that every bottle of Rheinfels Quelle meets the highest quality standards.

That is why consumers can always rely on Rheinfels Quelle for consistently high quality – from the spring to the glass. “Consumers want authentic food from transparent production. With Rheinfels Quelle, we meet exactly this wish. It is natural and comes from a source that is protected from external influences,” says managing partner Heino Hövelmann, commenting on the importance of the Rheinfels source. On average, 123 liters of natural mineral water are drunk per capita and year in Germany. In this way, people cover around a quarter of their daily fluid requirements.

Valuable natural product

If you think about the quality of your food, you will also place special demands on the most important foodstuff, water. On Mineral Water Day, the focus is on refreshing thirst quenchers. There is no substitute for natural mineral water as the most popular cold drink among Germans. The approximately 150 mineral springs in Germany point this out on this day, including the RheinfelsQuellen. The company, which is based here in Duisburg, has always attached great importance to a sustainable, responsible approach to the environment and natural mineral water sources as people’s most important natural asset. Always taking significantly less water from the springs than is legally permitted is a central and important part of the family company’s sustainability strategy. Another focus of the RheinfelsQuellen’s sustainability efforts is on social commitment here in the region.

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