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Autumn is just around the corner: temperatures are dropping, it’s getting cold and uncomfortable. In view of the rise in electricity and gas costs, this autumn and winter the main focus is on one topic: How can energy be saved at home? Holger Radtke from Radio Radtke Fernsehen GmbH has some practical energy-saving tips ready.

According to the Federal Environment Agency, saving energy means achieving the desired “performance” with less final energy (electricity, combustibles and fuels). Within your own four walls, there are various ways to contribute with little effort and thus not only reduce the energy consumed, but also the future electricity bill. Many associate saving energy with making sacrifices, but that’s not the case – if you take the following points into account, you can save energy in no time and without making any sacrifices.

This is how you can easily save energy:

  • Unplug chargers for tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. when not in use.
  • Switch off TV sets, stereo systems, kitchen radios completely.
  • Do not always open and close refrigerators or freezers when putting them away, as air turbulence will cause warm air to enter. It’s better to put everything on the table and then put it away according to plan and of course quickly.
  • Regularly defrost freezers and refrigerators without an anti-frost circuit, as the layers of ice have an extremely negative effect on energy consumption.
  • Washing machine, dryer and dishwasher always fully loaded.

One exception: OLED TV sets

“We have to save electricity,” says Holger Radtke from Radio Radtke Fernsehen GmbH, “but what we also have to do is watch the devices.” For example, unlike conventional TV models, OLED devices should remain in standby mode to regenerate at night. Failure to do so will result in massive damage to the device. It is therefore worth clarifying with an expert which devices are an exception to the usual energy saving measures.

Pay attention to the energy efficiency of new devices

Energy-saving right from the start: Devices in energy class “A”. Radio Radtke is the right address for anyone who is faced with the decision of buying new, energy-efficient electrical appliances. For example, the electrical retailer offers the washing machine model WM 14VM 93 from Siemens.

  • Laundry capacity: 9 kg
  • 1400 rpm at the maximum spin speed
  • Operating noise, spin: 69 dBA
  • aqua stop
  • 16 automatic programs
  • Automatic water dosing depending on the fill level
  • LED interior lighting
  • EEK: A
  • Spectrum: (A – G)
  • €749 pick-up price

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