Advertisement on Disney Plus: So many interruptions you have to endure

In March, Disney Plus announced that it would launch a cheaper, ad-supported option in the US in late 2022, which will also be available in other countries next year. There are no details yet on how much the cheaper option will cost. Several reports have now made it known how often the streaming platform will import advertising.

Less advertising than the competition

When Disney Plus’s ad-supported subscription goes live in the US later this year, it will reportedly be on movies or series an average of four minutes of advertising per hour unhide. With that, Disney would serve fewer ads per hour than some of its competitors.

With this announcement, Disney Plus surpasses the in-house hulu, which shows between nine and 12 commercials in an hour. NBC’s Peacock In comparison, it promises to show no more than five minutes of advertising per hour. Only HBO Max rivals Disney at four minutes of advertising per hour.

No advertising for children

As for the content of the ads themselves, the company takes a cautious approach to being family-friendly image to protect. Disney will completely refrain from commercials with topics that are less suitable for children – such as anything to do with alcohol or politics. Furthermore, no commercials originating from the competition will be accepted.

Disney also plans to remove advertising from children’s profiles. In addition, advertising should be removed from programs aimed at a preschool audience, even if a user does not use a child profile.

Is streaming with ads the future?

More and more streaming services want to offer a more cost-effective model with advertising in addition to their ad-free offers. Especially now, subscribers seem to be hotly contested. As the Disney Plus subscriber base continues to grow, the by Netflix shrank last quarter. Also this one Streaming giant has drawn up plans for an advertising-financed subscription model.

Source: The Verge

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