Advertisement – ​​TELEKOM:: fiber optics for Essen

The fiber optic expansion of Telekom in Essen is continuing as promised: 15,500 households in Borbeck and a further 6,660 households in Altenessen Nord-West can order the new fiber optic connections from August 2, 2022.

Deutsche Telekom has great offers for homeowners and tenants and will provide all properties in the expansion area with a fiber optic home connection free of charge*. In contrast to other technologies, the fiber optic cable is routed directly into the apartments and enables data transfer and surfing at the highest level. Special tariff offers are also made to customers for use, and the standard installation right up to the apartments is also free of charge*.

Duplicate costs from existing contractual relationships with other providers should not arise. And all this at short notice and without condition to a minimum number of orders. Citizens now play an important role as owners or tenants: In order for the fiber optic network to be laid to their house, Deutsche Telekom still needs its free supply contract for the house connection.

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