Aeon Drive Updates on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One X, PS4, and PC; a great game got even better

2021 has been full of indie jewels, belonging to all kinds of genres and offering experiences for all players. One of the most recent jewels is Aeon Drive, the best 2D action platformer of the year developed by 2AwesomeStudio. Aeon Drive arrived late last month at Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 y PC, but you just improved your experience with a patch.

Aeon Drive is a 2D action platformer with a strong focus on speedrunners, so its levels can be completed in the traditional way or by speedrunning at full speed. Thanks to your super precise gameplay and perfect control, Aeon Drive is one of the best experiences of the genre, and each level feels more rewarding than the last.

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Although since its launch Aeon Drive is a great game, some details were far from perfect, although these details were not in its gameplay, control or level design, but in its user interface. The last upgrade de Aeon Drive seeks to correct these details and makes Aeon Drive an even more valuable gem. Even though Aeon Drive levels can be marathoned at full speed, each offers collectibles for the most patient gamers.

One of the improvements that this upgrade It is the information of the collectibles, because now it is possible to consult exactly what gems, hotdogs, data cubes and time capsules you are missing on the game selection, sector selection and level selection screen. The tutorial has also been improved, so it will now be easier to learn how the mechanics work.

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Aeon Drive It also received new options to customize your games, since it is now possible to deactivate the vibration, the screen shake and the count at the beginning of each level. When you delete a game they now ask you for confirmation, so this doesn’t happen by accident. In addition to these features, some minor game bugs have been fixed.

Aeon Drive is an indie game developed by the Spanish studio 2AwesomeStudio which takes us to a cyberpunk Neo Barcelona with a very addictive adventure, thanks to its great control and level design. Aeon Drive is available at Nintendo Switch, Xbox One X, PS4 y PC.

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