Affirm that "there is very little supply of rentals" and Santa Fe

“There is very little rental offer in the city of Santa Fe,” he said. Jorge Pighin, president of the College of Real Estate Brokers in the program “Todo al noon” led by Hugo Isaak for Cadena OH!

The professional maintained that families do not move. “I emphasize that they are totally in disagreement with the new law, then they prefer to stay at home and not make a new contract for three years. They do not have a forecast of what they will pay for the next few years. They believed that with the new law they were going to pay 25-27 percent per year and today they are at 48. Last month it was 52, something that did not happen before because it was fixed from day one, “he explained.

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Pighin insisted that “it is difficult to rent in Santa Fe right now. There are apartments, but there are very few houses. The owners were paid with the rental values; In addition, wages have been pulverized by these tariff adjustments and inflation is almost 60 percent year-on-year. Thus, there is no market that can resist the meager wages of the Argentine people. “

The importance of the College

The president of the entity, said that “one of the functions of the College of runners is control, grant professional registration and enforce laws. Among the 150 complaints that we have made, for crimes against the public administration, usurpation of titles and honors, the MPA takes one of the causes and a ‘pseudo-runner’ agrees with the prosecutor to suspend her trial on trial for illegally engage in real estate brokerage“.

Pighin said that in this case, the College was constituted as a plaintiff, a claim that was admitted. “By not mediating in the opposition of the defendant’s defense, they agree to this suspension for one year of the trial trial, forcing themselves to leave their residence fixed, communicate any change, report periodically, contribute a sum of money to the Cullen hospital and pay costs, “explained the interviewee from Cadena OH!

It is always important that people hire a real estate broker. They have a double guarantee: the school that is going to support them in a complaint in case the broker and the bond act badly, “Pighin closed.

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