After 500 cases, the exorcist gets tight

Tina says: “He picked people where the chances of these people going to the police are close to zero. These are people who grew up with humiliation, that they blame themselves and are partly convinced that that they deserve it.”

A danger for people with multiple personalities is that among the personalities that are in them there are also those who are “loyal to the offender”. In the worst of times, they learned that they were least likely to get hurt if they were in league with the abuser. That can make them easy victims again.

Or there are those who unite aggressions that perpetrators have fueled. What happened to other personalities, the person whose name is on the ID card often has no memory – a protective mechanism. However, this mechanism could also protect perpetrators. The police, Marcus B. said to t-online, “they know these people who reported me are mentally ill, they think I’m a reasonable man”.

Marcus B. talks about the fact that the people he takes care of often have “false memories” to do with believing in things that never happened. That could also be the case with Angelina, he says, the girl so many worried about and who underwent a forensic examination after the rape she reported.

“Maybe you demon’s talking about gang rape”

She only accused him so as not to lose friendship with another girl, says Marcus B. It could also be that she will talk about a mass rape after her return. “It can happen that something like that might be stated by a personality or a demon.”

What happened to Angelina is still unclear. But at least the search for her was stopped by the police. On Monday a week ago she arrived in her home country by train. According to information from t-online, she is in a clinic. The facility where she lives cannot provide any information for data protection reasons.

While Angelina was gone, Marcus B. posted voice messages of her on YouTube, in which the girl confirmed that she had agreed to have a sexual relationship with him. He spread the news, it’s edited, and Angelina uses words like “adversities” there that don’t usually belong to the girl from the home’s vocabulary. But Marcus B. says she said it all voluntarily.

And sex with young people over the age of 14 is also allowed if it is done consensually, says the 38-year-old t-online. However, this does not apply if people over the age of 21 take advantage of the victim’s lack of sexual self-determination. Marcus B. denies that, despite all the contradictions: “She’s not a small child anymore. Her state of health reflects that, although I’m not a psychologist, the scientific expert has to determine that.” There are also no accusations from the state. “I guess she’s not that mentally deranged, as an assessor I would say it’s all within the law.” Such sentences are hard to bear for those who feel for Angelina.

He doesn’t deny his critics sympathy either. Although “envy” is also a motive because he is successful, “they are worried that I will do bad things with minors who, in their eyes, are mentally ill and would satisfy my own instincts with these people.” In order to discredit him, it is claimed that he only helps young women. But he also helps women in their 40s and older men, “as a Christian, I help everyone who needs help.”

DIS persons studied exhaustively

However, the person should already be able to provide him with new insights so that he takes on the journey. He has studied DID people exhaustively, he actually knows everything about them and their demons, he says in a video. So experiments had to go on and on so that he wanted to come forward to supposedly exorcise demons.

With Sieglinde (name changed) he wanted to use fire. She reported what happened in May. She testified and filed a criminal complaint on June 8th at a police station north of Bremen, where she lives and where a video was made showing what happened.

The woman in her mid-30s is filmed from two camera perspectives at the same time as she lies fixed in a bed and he talks to her. “Unclean spirit, I command you in the name of Jesus Christ, come out of her. Are you going voluntarily?!” Sieglinde hisses.

Fixed and with a match: Marcus the Exorcist on a woman in her mid-thirties with dissociative personality disorder, whose "impure spirits" he wanted to expel.  She expressly consented to the publication of this photo on t-online.
Fixed and with a match: Marcus the exorcist with a woman in her mid-thirties with dissociative personality disorder, whose “unclean spirits” he wanted to exorcise. She expressly consented to the publication of this photo on t-online. (Source: Screenshot)

He holds a match in his hand, then lowers it onto her arm, she screams. He published the video on YouTube after allegations were made on a Telegram channel. “I did it to straighten out the allegations in public that it’s not as blatant as it was portrayed,” he says t-online.

Sieglinde gave her consent. “Even if she denies that today.” On the one hand, he says, the change of heart is due to the fact that he has not fulfilled her sexual desires. And on the other hand: “Ever since the hackers struck, I became their archenemy”. Nella says that with the support and together, the women dared to file a complaint.

In Marcus B’s hometown of Berlin, the police are investigating because he asked a 14-year-old to send her erotic pictures of himself. The girl started it, he said in the interrogation of his community: “And I’m just a man.” He was only with another minor to get her from the children’s prostitution, he claimed. And everything happened consensually.

Little will remain of the allegations, he says. “You could talk about copyright or the right to your own picture,” after all, he didn’t take it very seriously with the videos. He doesn’t expect anything to happen because of kidnapping or physical harm, the women had given their consent. And he is on the run – “but not from the police, I’m in contact with them. I get death threats.”

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