After 60 years in judo: Lebab receives the 8th division belt

To the great satisfaction of the Algerian sports public, especially judo fans, the former judoka Sid-Ali Lebib, obtained the eighth division belt from the International Judo Federation.

Indeed, the said belt was offered to him for the services he rendered to the sport of judo and the recognition of his long sports career, which allowed him to occupy several important positions.

With that, the former sportsman expressed his joy, his satisfaction but also his pride. This rare recognition from the International Judo Federation is a great honor for me and the Algerian family of judo and sport in general, especially as Algeria receives this belt for the second time since independence. This crowning comes after a long career in judo, of around 60 years, ”he said.

Sid-Ali Lebib, former Minister of Youth and Sports

Thus, it is useful to clarify that the International Judo Federation does not award the eighth class belt, the highest in the sport, except in rare cases in the world, offering only one for the African continent once. every three or four years.

In addition, it should also be noted that Sid-Ali Lebib previously held several important positions, namely the post of Minister of Youth and Sports and President of the Algerian Olympic Committee and of the Algerian Judo Federation.

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