After 9 heart attacks, César Bono will return to the stage

César Bono announced that he is ready to return to work after going through health problems for which he had to undergo emergency surgery in March due to a perforated duodenum. Although Bono does not give up his passion for acting, he also confessed that he must go back to work due to financial problems.

In an interview with Sale el sol, the comedian talked about how he is currently in health and mentioned his return to the screen, although not in the best terms, as he let it be known that he is financially responsible for most of his family.

“A lot of desire (to return to work) and a lot of need. I had four children, the daughters are married and are supported by their husbands and sons-in-law, but the male children are not married and still depend on me economically and the mother of the male children also depends on me, ”she commented.

In addition to this, he revealed that so far he has been experiencing discomfort due to his last surgery, such as severe pain and stitches in the affected area. Likewise, he explained that he is concerned about other health problems such as his gallbladder, for which he is taking treatment.

“(I am) very surprised by the consequences that this operation has left. Dolores, everyone, with telling you that I was with the surgeon three weeks ago and I told him about some small stitches, and he told me: ‘Yes, you are going to feel stitches, you are going to feel that they pull you, you are going to feel deep pain’ […] I have to check a matter of bile, of how I go there, that I have to have as a bag that is not fixed to my body, but a bag that I have to carry for a life or death operation, “confessed the actor.

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