After all, women may not live longer than men.

A new study has called into question the long-held belief that women live longer than men, especially men who are married or have a college degree.

THE analysis which spanned a period corresponding to two centuries on all continents concluded that although men have a lower life expectancy than the opposite sex, they have a “substantial hypothesis to outlive women.”

In between 25% and 50% of men outnumbered women, according to data collected by academics in Denmark, who pointed out that large differences in life expectancy sometimes hide substantial overlaps in life expectancy between the sexes and that summarizing the average life span may be a “simplistic measure”.

The study, published in the journal BMJ Open, examined data on the life expectancy of men and women in 199 countries for almost 200 yearshaving concluded that men are more likely to outlive women, especially those who are married or have a degree.

“Men who are married or have a college degree tend to live longer than women who are not married or do not have a high school diploma,” the authors established.

The analysis also concluded that developed countries, the probability of men living longer than women decreased until the 1970s, after which it gradually increased in all populations. The increase and decrease in differences in life expectancy were mainly attributed to the smoking and to others behavioral differences. Research reads: “A blind interpretation of differences in life expectancy can sometimes lead to a distorted perception of real inequalities [na esperança de vida]”.

“While men’s life expectancy is generally lower than women’s, and male mortality rates are generally higher at all ages, men have a substantial likelihood of outliving women.” The Guardian.

“These findings challenge the general perception that men do not live as long as women and reveal a more nuanced inequality in life expectancy between women and men”.

Academics suggested that a better way of monitoring could be examine the lifespan of both sexes in different countries.

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