After Dead by Daylight, Behavior Interactif will bet on Meet Your Maker in 2023

It’s all about building and looting, with each level being user-generated, and therefore designed for players. The gameplay rests as well as the creation and infiltration of independent levels, the outposts, which the players will fill with guards and traps, before going off to challenge the intruders to plunder their own strongholds. Behavior emphasizes the number of possible combinations between sentinels, traps and blocks to customize, but also on the AI ​​routines that will define the rounds of the patrols.

On the other hand, we are also promised lively and nervous fights when entering the opposing camp to seize the MatGen, the “pure Genetic Material” which is the resource that all the Guardians tear off on what remains of the Earth. It will therefore be necessary to choose the right equipment (melee weapons, ranged weapons, protection), the perks and consumables depending on the challenge ahead and the opponent’s playstyle.

In short, a mixture of user-generated content and solo / coop FPS, which allows the passage to drain many rewards over the games to strengthen the whole creation / management aspect. A priori, the game will allow you to modify an outpost already created to make it always more devious, even after publication. Also add cosmetics to the equation to personalize your works, and you already have a preview of what awaits you. Moreover, it is already possible to register on the official website to hope to join the closed beta which will begin on August 23rd.

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