After his release from prison, what legal obligations will Patrick Balkany have to respect?

The former mayor of Levallois-Perret continues to pay 1300 euros per month to the State in connection with his debt. At the same time, the justice system prohibited him from leaving the national territory.

This Friday, Patrick Balkany, benefiting from a release granted by the Paris Court of Appeal, returned to his residence in Giverny in the Eure. “Prison is very hard,” said the former mayor of Levallois-Perret, convicted of tax evasion.

But this early release from detention is far from signifying the end of his legal troubles. First, Patrick Balkany, who must be operated on in September for an inguinal hernia, is still indicted for abuse of corporate assets, embezzlement of public funds and illegal taking of interests. In addition, justice conditioned this release on numerous legal obligations, four to be precise, as concordant sources indicated to BFMTV.

“general good conduct”

Justice first requires “general good conduct” from husband Balkany. Concerning him, this point is far from trivial. Last February, it was his numerous breaches of his legal obligations as well as his attitude considered casual that had earned him a return to bars, after his electronic bracelet was revoked.

“There are the problems of untimely ringtones (of the electronic bracelet, editor’s note), but also unjustified requests for extension of hours, insults against integration and probation advisers, inadmissible behavior vis-à-vis – vis-à-vis the judges of the application of sentences”, had at the time explained on our antenna Dominique Puechmaille, prosecutor of the Republic of Évreux.

Justice also linked its decision on Thursday to a ban on leaving the national territory for Patrick Balkany, unless a judge rules in favor of such an exit, and the obligation to respond to summonses from justice and magistrates in all matters concerning him.

The importance of the debt of the spouses

Last point: the importance given to the repayment of the debt of the spouses. Patrick and Isabelle Balkany owe around 4.3 million euros to the state. 3 million for income tax, which they undervalued between 2009 and 2014, and 1.3 million for wealth tax which they did not pay between 2010 and 2014, undervalued in 2015.

Currently, the spouses reimburse 1300 euros per month to the tax authorities, an amount fixed by the courts. The custom wants that approximately 10% of the incomes are punctured. An amount which corresponds on paper to the 12,000 euros of monthly pensions which the couple claims to have.

A conservative seizure of the real estate of Patrick and Isabelle Balkany took place. Sold, their villa Pamplemousse in Saint-Martin as well as their riad in Marrakech would have garnered more than 2.5 million euros. They proposed to the courts to use this sum to reimburse a large part of their debts. But the judges refused, arguing that the sale of these goods had taken place in a different case than the one for which they have already been convicted.

Vincent Vantighem, with Jules Fresard

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