After Kimmich’s corona infection – sports psychologist warns: "Can make the team shaky"

Joshua Kimmich is not vaccinated and has now contracted the corona virus.Image: / Frank Hoermann / SVEN SIMON

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Nikolai Stübner

At first Joshua Kimmich didn’t want to be vaccinated, then maybe he did – but before he was ready, he was infected with Corona. Medical professionals would say it was a matter of time.

Now the 26-year-old midfielder is absent for 14 days and will probably not be ready for action again until December 9th, when he is symptom-free and tested negative. That means: The national player will also be missing in the top Bundesliga game against Dortmund (December 4th, 6.30 p.m.).

Players could be subconsciously influenced

As a result, Kimmich is also missing in one of the most important games of the season and could endanger Bayern’s goals for the season. Does that promote a split in the Bayern squad? Could Kimmich lose prestige within the team as a result, because he endangers the team’s goals?

Sports psychologist René Paasch is ambivalent about whether Kimmich’s infection could have an impact on the team: “I think you can deal with it. At least consciously. Subconsciously it is something else because you don’t know what the positive case of Kimmich does with the professionals and what attitude they develop on the subject. It can of course make the team shaky. “

He is a lecturer for “Life Coaching” at the German University for Health and Sport in Unna and accompanied, among other things, German athletes at the Olympic Games or players from Schalke 04 and Juventus Turin.

Sports psychologist René Paasch explains that Bayern players could be unsettled by the Kimmich infection.

Sports psychologist René Paasch explains that Bayern players could be unsettled by the Kimmich infection.

At the same time, he added: “I think that the players are mentally very strong because they have experienced a lot in their careers and can deal with it.” On this point he is of the same opinion as Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann. Before the game against Dynamo Kiev, the 34-year-old had emphasized: “In the end, I don’t think the team will break up because of it, but the situation will grow.”

“It is now important that the team sit down openly at a table and talk to Kimmich about his decision and motivation.”

Sports psychologist René Paasch on how Joshua Kimmich should now communicate with his players about his missing vaccination.

Should there still be disagreements in the Bayern squad, Paasch has special advice: open communication. He says: “It is now important that the team sit down openly at a table and Kimmich talk about his decision and motivation. Then maybe the other players can understand why he has not vaccinated and is now infected. Whether or not they accept it is another matter. “

At the same time, Paasch calls on the players who are skeptical about Kimmich’s decision to speak openly: “Even the players who have concerns about Kimmich should express themselves very openly so that there is no negative effect on the team.” A key is transparency on both sides: “Kimmich has to explain why he did not get vaccinated. This allows him to build trust in the team.”

But not only the opinion within the Bayern squad could be divided. Kimmich’s long hesitation could also have had a negative impact on the vaccination campaign. Paasch explains: “Opponents of the vaccination could misuse Kimmich’s long hesitation for their own purposes. He should have been aware beforehand that these people will jump on the bandwagon.”

A change of opinion would also be good for society

At the same time, Paasch sees that Kimmich’s change of opinion on the vaccination, which became known shortly before his infection, is also positive. Paasch explains: “A change of opinion by Kimmich would be a clear and positive signal to society that one
Can question things and still be open when one is convinced of things. “

Whether Kimmich is completely convinced will now be shown after the corona disease and can be measured in particular by whether the midfielder can be vaccinated with the correct time interval as a convalescent.

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