After scooters, Dott launches its bicycle offer in Paris

The Franco-Dutch company is launching a self-service electric bicycle offer in Paris this week. 3000 bikes will be in service by the end of the year.

The self-service bicycle offer is still growing in Paris. The Franco-Dutch Dott has just launched its offer of self-service electric bicycles there on Tuesday. From a few hundred bikes in the early days, Dott will deploy 3,000 electric bikes (VAEs) by the end of the year across the capital. Before why not also settle in the suburbs.

Fairly heavy (35 kilos), the blue and red bikes are limited to 25 km / h, as required by regulations, and come from a Chinese supplier, can we read in The Parisian. Dott hopes to be able to develop one entirely in-house afterwards.

A maintenance team will have a dedicated warehouse for bicycle maintenance. The prices will be equivalent to those of the scooters that Dott already operate in Paris, i.e. 1 euro for the release then 23 cents per minute. Day and monthly passes or 2 day trips are also available.

3000 bikes operational by the end of the year

Dott enters a market that already includes Velibs operated by Smoovengo on behalf of the City of Paris and the private services of Lime and the French start-up Pony. This confirms Paris’ position as a laboratory for the mobility of tomorrow.

“Paris is the first city where we deploy our bikes, explains Nicolas Gorse, manager of Dott in France, to the daily. From now on, in the same app, Dott customers will have access to 5000 scooters and 3000 bikes, or 8000 machines in all” .

With this bike, Dott wants to attract new customers that he does not touch today with his scooters. Users who rent bicycles are more interested in distances greater than 2 kilometers. After Paris, Dott intends to offer its self-service bicycles in Rome, Milan, Brussels and London.

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