After season 19 it will probably be over

What’s going on at Gray Sloan is not for the faint of heart. Warning, spoilers follow for the second half of season 18. Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo (52), has received and accepted a job offer in the far east of the country. So she wants to leave Seattle, the hospital and her friends and move to Minnesota with the kids and new flame Nick. In the clinic, however, the news is not well received. For one thing, it’s felt ungrateful that Meredith wants to leave the facility she owes everything to. And on the other hand, there is an acute shortage of staff in Gray Sloan.

Above all, Bailey is struggling with the shortage of doctors. The still injured Hunt then offers her to take over her job for the day so that she can stand in the OR herself. They all meant well. But what nobody knew at the time was that several complaints about the resident physician program led to someone being sent on that day of all days to look at the program and take action. It doesn’t make a good impression when the actual boss is not available and Hunt – of course not at all according to the rules – steps in. As a result, the plug was pulled from the entire program.

These two factors – Meredith wants to leave and the shortage of doctors – are likely to be the main themes of season 19, which then ends the series with a happy ending. Eventually, Meredith decided in the interim yet to stay. Our guess: With this, she will save the intern program in season 19, win back the favor of her friends and colleagues and thus be able to tackle her new job with a calm heart.

Will it actually come to this? First, the season 18 finale will air in the US on May 26th. In October it should then continue with the 19th and perhaps final season. Incidentally, German fans can also enjoy the current 18th season: it has been broadcast on Disney+ since March 21st. A new episode full of passion, friendship and personal tragedy will be released weekly. If you don’t have a subscription to the streaming service, gets one here for 8.99 euros a month.

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