After several days in the hospital, Mirtha Legrand was discharged from the hospital

To almost two weeks after being admitted to the Mater Dei Sanatorium after suffering a decompensation and undergoing surgery to have two stents after detecting a coronary obstruction, Mirtha Legrand was discharged.

The diva left the place accompanied by her grandson Nacho Viale after 10 pm, as notified by the medical report signed by Dr. Roberto Dupuy de Lôme, director of the Sanatorium: “We want to inform you that, after a meeting between the personal doctor and the professionals involved in the Sanatorium, in agreement with his family, Mrs. Mirtha Legrand was discharged tonight”Said the letter issued on October 12.

The driver retired in a vehicle dressed in a white outfit, gloves, chinstrap and matching beret that accompanied with glasses.

In addition, the driver managed to raise her hand to greet the photographers, making clear her good state of mind and health that she presented before arriving home.

Source: Ciudad Magazine

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