After sex with a model – Why Drake poured hot sauce into his condom

This is probably the craziest celebrity story you’ll read today.

Rapper Drake (35) is one of the most successful musicians in the world. And at the same time one of the richest – he is said to be worth around 160 million euros. What is said to have happened to him now can hardly be surpassed in terms of absurdity.

The Canadian is officially single and lives out his single life as he pleases. So far, so easy. It’s also nothing unusual that he arranged a sex date with a model via Instagram. How the night ended already…

An Instagram model (who has yet to reveal her name) claimed on the internet blog Too Much Hot Tea that she texted and dated the Canadian superstar.

Sex, seed stealing and hot sauce

Drake took her to his hotel room and they both ended up in the box after a wild make-out. But after the hot (safe) sex follows an even hotter scandal:

► Drake disappears into the bathroom after intercourse to dispose of the used condom.

► As soon as he’s out again, his bed acquaintance disappears into the bathroom – and fishes the condom out of the trash can. To insert the sperm vaginally in order to hopefully get pregnant from him. This is what is called seed stealing.

What shouldn’t be missing in hotel rooms – or trouser pockets – by Drake? A packet of hot saucePhoto: AFP

► Why SHE now wants to sue HIM – and not the other way around? Because Drake took precautions – sort of like double contraception.

► He poured hot sauce into the condom right after sex to kill the sperm. And already it burned like hell in the model’s crotch.

The woman describes it like this: She cried out in pain – Drake then came to her in the bathroom to see what was going on. And told her that the chili sauce was used.

So Drake seems to have guessed that some women only want the ONE thing – a baby from him…

Four years ago, Drake’s son Adonis was born – from a one night stand. Even if the musician idolizes his little one with the golden blond curls and takes care of him with the child’s mother, he wants to prevent fatherhood again. And he seems to have had the right instincts if this crazy hotel room story is true.

In any case, the model assures that everything happened exactly like that. Despite the attempted semen robbery, she doesn’t see the blame on herself – but rather on Drake and his hot stockings. And now wants to get his money via a lawsuit for compensation for pain and suffering.

Drake himself has not officially commented on the slippery scandal. However, his fans interpret his latest Instagram photo as an answer to the model. The rapper wrote: “You can have 15 minutes of fame. I’ll take the other 23 hours and 45 minutes.”

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