After the absence: After the five profile confirms the baby happiness in live broadcast

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The popular host made a wonderful announcement!

After five, despite its relatively short time in the box, has already become an irreplaceable element in many people’s everyday lives. The current affairs program, which, among others, Tilde de Paula Eby was involved in and started has even received prizes for its efforts!

Now there is joy in the editorial office once again, but it is not first prize that stands for happiness – there is something even better!

Tilde de Paula’s revelation about Jenny Strömstedt before the live broadcast: “Terrible”

The words about the colleague

In the studio we frequently see Tilde de Paula Eby, Anna Brolin, Henrik Alsterdal, Axel Pileby and Maximillian Artell. The gang has quickly grown together and become a real recipe for success in the television box. But when you work so closely, and intensively, it doesn’t always happen without friction…

In a clip that TV4 publishes, Tilde is asked when she was last angry with her colleagues, and she first jokingly replies that it never happened. But then she regrets it, it must have happened.

– No, but, Anna, Henrik, Max, Axel… No, I haven’t been grumpy with them. Or, the only time I’ve been grumpy with Axel it was when he.. he can sometimes be a bit self-critical, and then I’ve actually told him that “Now you actually have to stop! We broadcast live for two hours every day!” she says in the clip.

Yes, even the irritation seems to have sprung from a love, so you can safely say that the colleagues enjoy each other’s company.

Niklas Strömstedt is surprised by the sex question about Jenny – on air

Disappeared from the window – became a father

The attentive viewer has noticed that one face has been conspicuous by its absence lately, and that is Maximillian Artell. Now the gang in the studio tells why, he has become a father!

In the broadcast, Tilde says that many viewers have contacted and wondered how it is with Max, and Axel Pileby fills in that Max and his partner Julia have become parents. The couple has a little daughter!

They tell me he will be back next week, after being home with his new family for a while. And of course it’s important to take care and enjoy the baby bubble!

Maximillian and little daughter!

Photo: TV4

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Photo: Instagram, Screenshot/TV4

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