After the admission stop at the Potsdamer Tafel: the city wants to help with 220,000 euros per year

More than five months after the Potsdamer Tafel imposed an admission freeze for new people in need of help, the city administration has launched an aid package for the food distribution point. According to this, the association is to be funded with around 220,000 euros per year from next year. The reason is the increasing need for help due to the energy crisis and inflation. The city councilors should vote on this in the December meeting, as stated in a new draft resolution for the plenum.

The association is to be supported once with 15,000 euros in order to “expand packaging capacities at the location of the table in Drewitzer Straße 22A”. According to Tafel boss Imke Georgiew, this will be used to finance interior conversions and a new canopy. Nevertheless, there is no way around procuring a new logistics center for the club as quickly as possible – precisely to have space to put together more food packages.

A new logistics center is necessary

This is particularly important for senior citizens who need help and who currently have to come to Drewitzer Strasse in autumn and winter weather and have to wait there. You are also hoping for help from the municipal building holding Pro Potsdam, Georgiev said when asked by PNN. The Tafel currently supplies 1,700 customers per week, and recently another 125 households could be added. “That’s the limit now.” The city’s aid package was coordinated with her, Georgiev confirmed. The 200,000 euros include costs for the management, a socio-pedagogically trained consultant as well as costs for security, cleaning and rent.

The distribution of groceries should also be simplified. A cooperation agreement was reached with the Volkssolidarität soup kitchen and the Potsdam community centers in order to initially expand the food bank’s range of aid through decentralized spending throughout the city by April 2023. According to the proposal, Volkssolidarität should receive around 30,000 euros for this coordination. In addition, the city is planning to expand debtor and social counseling in the energy crisis with a further 260,000 euros, it said.

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