After the Boca game, they assaulted and beat Agustín Sández: there are four detainees

Agustin Sandezthe Boca player, was the victim of a violent robbery in which he was beaten by criminals who stole his truck and all the belongings he had.

The incident occurred almost at midnight, after the soccer player returned from Paraná with the xeneize squad after the defeat against the Patronato by the Professional League. Sández was approached shortly before arriving at his house, in Lanús, by criminals who they threatened him and hit him with a gun on his head.

“They just stole my truck and all my belongings. If they get a message, it’s not me”wrote the defender on his social networks.

Hours later, after receiving an alert, the City Police were able to intercept the vehicle and detained four people aged 18, 17 and 15 -one was undocumented- on the charge of “armed robbery”.

The criminals were traveling with Sández’s white Toyota Corolla van and with a gray Amarok through the neighborhood of La Boca when the police officers noticed “reckless maneuvers” and began the pursuit.

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