After the case of a businesswoman with a perforated lung, learn about acupuncture care

Acupuncture is one of the most popular techniques in Chinese medicine. It is considered very safe and generally does not cause health risks or side effects, but it is important to choose a trained professional with experience.

Last Monday (11/10), businesswoman Jessika Aldrey Germiniani, 26, from Sorriso (MT), had her lung perforated while performing an acupuncture session to relieve stiffness in the neck area. The young woman told the G1 portal who felt shortness of breath and severe pain hours after the consultation.

After a CT scan showed a puncture in the young woman’s lung, she had to undergo emergency surgery.

Raiana Fajoli, therapist and acupuncturist at Serenità, says that cases like Jessika’s are extremely rare, as professionals trained in the technique study the points where the needles should be applied, as well as the depth at which they should be inserted.

“In the study of acupuncture we learn the depth of each point. A good professional knows what the deep and superficial points are,” says Raiana. “The handling of the needle does affect the result, but the risk is minimal due to its structure, which is usually 0.25mm”, he explains.

Before starting an acupuncture session, pay attention to the following points:

The needles used must be disposable, without reusing them among patients. Reuse increases the risk of transmitting diseases such as hepatitis.

“I see that the main risk is with needles that are not sterilized correctly. That’s why the correct thing is to use disposable ones”, says the therapist.

Acupuncture needles must be disposable

During the first acupuncture sessions, it is common for patients to feel a local discomfort, a little nausea; headache and changes in sleep and mood. In some cases, patients manifest joy or crying hours after the treatment, according to Raiana.

However, all these symptoms must be transient. Acupuncture should not cause shortness of breath or severe pain, as in the situation reported by the businesswoman from Mato Grosso.

“In the beginning, acupuncture usually brings some signs of worsening of the symptoms that the person was complaining about before, but soon after the beginning, it goes away, bringing relief”, says the therapist.

The patient may also feel a slight sensation of shock upon application. The electrical stimulus indicates that the professional hit the point of application, according to Raiana. Cramps occur when a person is deficient in vitamins and minerals.

professional acupuncturist
“The professional has to be chosen very carefully. Acupuncture is not a weekend course. It is a technique within Chinese medicine that takes at least two years to be learned”, says Raiana. She suggests that patients seek specialist certification.

In addition, acupuncture must be performed in certified clinics that follow the standards of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa).

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