After the criticism, the social movements came out to respond to Cristina Kirchner

Cristina Kirchner’s speech on the occasion of Flag Day, in which she criticized several members of the national government, brought the vice president face to face with social organizations.

It is that during the act that he led in Avellaneda, he not only shot against officials but also against social movements, especially those that are aligned with President Alberto Fernández, such as the Evita Movement.

In this framework, and as if it were not part of the current management, Cristina urged that the State “must recover the audit and control of social policies that cannot continue to be outsourced.”

“It is to recover the role and make it transparent (the system) before public opinion,” and asserted that “women are the ones who stir the pots in the picnic areas and are the ones who always have to go to work. The guys rarely work. The It’s always women who go to work. It’s like that and you know it’s like that. May the State recover in the name of those who gave Perón and Evita life. If Evita saw them, mamita. Imagining and reading everything she did Avoid, mommy!”

“That is not Peronism, Peronism is laburo, work. Peronism is not depending on a neighborhood leader to sign me up and down,” was another of Cristina Kirchner’s phrases during her speech yesterday at the CTA, in what was an open questioning of the operation of the plans and funds within their own government. In addition to the Evita Movement, the great political supporter in the neighborhoods of President Alberto Fernández and a source of internal dispute within the ruling party, the big ones targeted were the piqueteros organizations.

Cristina Kirchner’s darts come at a time when street control is tightening. But she not only spoke to the outside, she also spoke to the inside. Without naming him, the vice president charged against the Evita Movement, led by the leaders Emilio Pérsico and Fernando Navarro, to whom President Fernández entrusted from the beginning the management of a good part of his government’s social fund to control “social moods” in the neighborhoods.

While awaiting what position the Government will take on this new wave of questioning, from where they came to answer it was from the social organizations. One of the first to do so was Eduardo Belliboni, from the Partido Obrero, who through his Twitter account indicated that “20 years after the murder of Maxi and Dario, @CFKArgentina very close to where they fell, due to the political responsibility of various officials of her government, the vice president joined the anti-picket campaign, while agreeing with the rotten pointers of the mayors”.

To which he added, mentioning some media: “No Cracks. @CFKArgentina The Campora. All of us who fight against the adjustment. Tell me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you what interests you defend.”

Who also came out to answer her was Silvia Saravia, from Barrios de Pie: “Women are protagonists and leaders in the organizations that are in the streets, facing the model of poverty and job insecurity of your government @CFKArgentina“.

For Mónica Sulle, a leader of the MST Teresa Vive, another important organization within the piqueteros, the vice president “has a double standard” when it comes to dealing with social problems in Argentina. “Like when she governed, Cristina likes to be on the hand of (Sergio) Berni, the same one who evicted Guernica and who evicted the Panamericana workers when they went out to fight for dismissals and wages. He always likes to show a pleasant face and a compromising speech with society, but at the time of applying sticks loves to apply sticks”.

And the one who did not let her pass was Luis Delía, leaning more towards the figure of Alberto Fernández and very critical, now, of the vice president: “Lazy memory and gratitude @CFKArgentina declared war on all the social movements of Argentina in general and the Kirchnerists in particular while the @CTAok of @HugoYasky I applauded her Not a single word of support for @alferdez #Horrible“.

Then he indicated that “I was not imprisoned for being corrupt or a thief, I was imprisoned for Cristina.”

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