After the fires and the drought, ecologists and animal defenders call for a moratorium on hunting

The French fauna and flora have had a difficult summer, between fires, repeated drought and heat wave. In an attempt to preserve them upon returning, a petition online, which has already collected nearly 50,000 signatures, is calling for a “immediate moratorium on hunting”, as the season opener approaches. A call supported by the national secretary of EELV and deputy Julien Bayou, according to the « Huffington Post Friday, August 19.

The Center Athénas, wildlife conservation center in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, at the origin of the petition, regrets that two years after the 2019 heat wave, “history repeats itself for worse”: “Generalized drought, almost all of the small streams and dry forest ponds, higher temperatures, repeated heat waves, forest fires in departments where there is no was never produced. All biodiversity is depleted, and many species have experienced significant mortality or reproductive failures this summer,” she warns.

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The organization mentions the early opening of wild boar hunting on August 15, which “will launch dogs, 4x4s and armed men into the wild to track down, kill animals and disturb all the hard-hit wildlife”. He asks for a an immediate moratorium on hunting and the penalization of grazing in the forest, a practice that destabilizes natural environments for the sole production of wild boar meat on the hoof, profitable for the federations “.

“We cannot endorse this attitude of denial consisting, whatever happens, in considering Nature as the meat section of a supermarket”hammer the signatories.

An “urgent” request according to Julien Bayou

The call was relayed on social networks by journalist and animal rights activist Hugo Clément. He is also supported by the boss of EELV, Julien Bayou, who evokes with the “Huffpost” a request “urgent” to the address of the Minister of Ecological Transition Christophe Béchu. “Nature, deer and other animals are struggling to recover from this summer”he explains.

In July, Brigitte Bardot had already launched a call to Christophe Béchu, asking for a postponement of the hunting season in the face of the drought. She claimed that he would be “Criminal to allow hunters to hunt down and kill the survivors of this tragedy. »

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In the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, the departmental federation of hunters had already estimated that a postponement of the opening of the hunt, scheduled for September 11, was possible if the drought and the heat wave continue, reported ” South West “ Wednesday. “Our forests are not as sensitive as in Gironde or in the Landes, but given the dryness of the terrain, the current state of the vegetation, you have to have common sense”, explained its president Philippe Etcheveste, citing also the risks posed by high temperatures on hunters and their dogs.

In La Teste-de-Buch, in Gironde, where the forest was devastated by a massive fire this summer, the deer hunting plan has been frozen this season, reports France 3. A quarter of the deer population would have been decimated by the flames.

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