After the followers’ criticism – now leaving the TV4 profile

After the followers' criticism - now leaving the TV4 profile

Leaving the studio after the storm of criticism last Saturday…

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Turn on sound

During Saturday’s broadcast of Nyhetsmorgon, presenter Maria Forsblom had to endure a lot of criticism from viewers. She had mixed up the holidays and realized it was Sunday. Something that did not amuse viewers:

“It’s probably SATURDAY today now that Maria has said Sunday several times.”one viewer writes.

“So funny Maria that you mentioned twice that today is Sunday but it is Saturday”, comments another.

Maria had to apologize during the broadcast and hoped that she had not confused the viewers.

News morning-Maria Forsblom responds after the storm of criticism “Sorry”

Strongly supported by some

Despite the fact that Maria had to endure some upsetting comments on Saturday, there are those who admire the presenter’s work incredibly much. The presenter is extremely enthusiastic on TV4’s Instagram.

“So funny that Maria is driving nymo today and tomorrow,” writes one user.

Another has Maria as her favorite presenter.

“Wonderful beautiful happy Maria. You are the best of all”

How nice! Now, however, there will be change. Maria leaves work at TV4 for other…

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Leaving the Nyhetsmorgon studio

Ahead of a busy autumn, well-rested presenters are required. Especially when Nyhetsmorgon extends its program by a full two hours.

Therefore, Maria is now taking a much-deserved vacation.

“Checked out! Time to turn down the presence on social media to be able to turn up the presence in what is happening around. Time flies so see you again soon. Wishing you a nice end to July and an even better start to August!”, writes Maria in a new post on Instagram.

That sounds so lovely. Maria will therefore try to increase attendance and skip the screens during the holiday.

That sounds great and makes a lot of sense!

Photo: Instagram / Screenshot TV4 “News morning.

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